Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Sante Choco Barley Drink (10 Sachets)


15 Grams x 10 Sachets (Chocolate Powder Drink with Barley)


Keep your kids healthy and strong with Santé Choco Barley. Activate a well-rounded mix of alertness and focus with this nutritious drink. Fortified with rich vitamin and mineral-carrying barley grass, Santé Choco Barley is superfood completeness. Perfect for picky eaters, Choco Barley’s smooth premium cocoa can easily become your child’s favorite drink.

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Sante Choco Barley Drink (10 Sachets) Box × 3

Includes: 3 Boxes of Sante Pure Barley worth $30.00

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Sante Choco Barley Drink (10 Sachets) FREE

FREE: Get 1 Extra Box worth $10.00 for Free in this bundle!

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Santé Choco Barley powdered drink are now available in Sachets


Promotes Growth + Maintenance

Sante Choco Barley’s protein content helps promote growth and maintenance of the human body. Protein is essential for body function, especially for the muscles.

This creamy and chocolatey drink also has a high content of calcium that helps maintain strong bones and teeth.

Sante Pure Barley

Sante Pure Barley

Mixed with 100% Organic Barley grass filled with flavor and nutrients


Barley Green Powder is well known for its medicinal benefits. It is actually the powdered form of barley grass. These grasses are found in a variety of flavors and have superior solubility. Therefore, you can also consume them in the form of juice.


Santé Fusion Coffee is the perfect product to help you be at your most productive. It enhances mental alertness, heightens concentration, and improves physical endurance, enabling you to power through the days ahead.


How To Use

How To Use

  • Empty one sachet into a cup. Add hot water according to your desired taste. Stir well and enjoy.

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Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Sante Choco Barley Drink (10 Sachets)